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All of the events listed on Morak Events are staffed by volunteers. Without volunteers the events would have a considerable higher site fee or not be held at all. If you’re interested in volunteering for a particular event, please contact the Event Coordinator of that event. Morak Events accepts volunteers for some of the events listed.  Check the volunteer section for which events, we have a discount for.

Reasons to Volunteer

You want an event to succeed and grow.
You are looking for an activity to do with friends
You are underage and want to attend an age restricted event (see Age policy)
Your bored at an event and want to be useful

Reasons not to Volunteer

You want to “Play” at the event and not “Work”.
You are very busy or obligated to other groups.
You are primarily interested in “bossing” people around or promoting yourself.
You are unreliable and/or have poor communication skills (can’t return phone calls or email).
You’re whiny, psychotic, immature, dishonest and/or self centered. We really want happy volunteers that add to the enjoyment of events not drama queens.

I don’t want to discourage people from volunteering but it’s a lot of work to recruit, train, and develop volunteers and it’s not for everyone. If you want to help the event but not be committed to work I would recommend a Color position until you’re ready for commitment. Volunteering is a great way to get into a group but if you’re not up for the task you might find yourself burning bridges or acquiring a negative reputation. I really want people to have a positive experience and be able to make an informed decision about volunteering. Remember to ask questions, be realistic about what you want to do, and find something you will enjoy doing.


Guests make up the majority of the people at large events. The primary indicator of the success of an event is whether the guests have a good time. Guests are expected to follow the rules of the event, the venue and the law of the land and of course have a good time. As a guest, if you have suggestion for what would make the event more enjoyable or ideas for other event please share them with us.


I borrowed the term Color from a local LARP that describes guests that make an effort to dress to the theme of a party/event and take an active role in helping make the other guests feel welcome. If you don’t want specifics duties or time commitments, Color is a great way to contribute and play at the same time.


As the name implies a volunteer is a guest that commits to helping for a set amount of time or for a specific task. Examples of volunteering include helping setup decorations (task) or checking ID for two hours at a party (Set time). Volunteers are paired up with a staff member and will not be responsible for handling cash or other activities that would place the volunteer in a position of liability. Volunteers can help before, at, and after an event.

Service Group

Service Groups are groups that are dedicated to the success of the event by committing to 4 hours of volunteering per person signed up with the service group.  For example, if you have 20 people that you are signing up as a Service Group then you would owe 80 hours of volunteering for the event. The leader of the group is responsible for assigning who will be completing the hours and making sure that the hours are covered.  The volunteer coordinator will determine the schedule for the volunteers and will post the information for the leaders.  Service groups may be ships, household, etc.. as long as there is a clear leader in charge of the group.


Our Staff are volunteers that have proven themselves to be reliable, energetic, and committed to the success of the event or party. Blocking out vacation days for events and not blowing off workshops, if something better comes up is an example of the greater level of commitment demonstrated by staff members.

Age Policy

Under age people are allowed to Staff an age restricted event, if they have an adult responsible for them attending the event.

How do I start volunteering?

For an individual who would like to volunteer at an event.

Before the event:
Fill out a volunteer application
If you have questions, contact Jeff Stewart at jeffstewart@morakevents.com

At the Event:
If you’re at an event and see that someone needs help, ask if you can help.
Ask one of the volunteers to introduce you to the event coordinator (“take me to your leader”).

Service Groups

Fill out the Service Group Application
Purchase Service Group Volunteer Event Passes – either as a group or individually – The leader will sign up for a specific number of passes.
If you have questions, contact Jeff Stewart – jeffstewart@morakevents.com

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteers receive half off of the preregistration price of the event and half off the meal plan.  Volunteers must complete their assigned 4 hour shift.  To qualify they must arrive on time for their shift, dressed appropriately for their volunteer position, sober (no alcohol, no drugs), finish their entire shift and report to the volunteer coordinator that they completed their shift.  The volunteer coordinator will note that they completed their shift and will put you on the list of approved volunteers for future events.

If you are a no show for your shift, arrive late, are under the influence or leave early.  You will no longer be allowed to sign up as a volunteer and will not be able to receive the discount.

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