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Morak Events is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing Event Coordinators with education in the fields of leadership, management, volunteer recruitment and community resources, marketing, risk assessment, accounting practices and other topics related to operating independent community events. Our goal is to share information and resources to help manage community driven events. Each Event Coordinator is responsible for their own events as independent entities from Morak Events.

Criteria for joining Morak Events:

Must be an Event Coordinator
Event is held in the Pacific Northwest.
Community driven non-profit or not for profit event.
Themed costumed event.
Must adhere to all federal, state and local laws.
Events posted on are limited to family friendly content.

Membership Levels:

Small Event Membership ($100*) – Single or multiple small events that have a total annual attendance of 500 or less.
Standard Membership ($250*) – Single large or multiple small events that have a total annual attendance of 2,000 or less.
Full Membership ($500*) – Single large or multiple events that have a total annual attendance of more than 2,000.

* New Member Open enrollment period is March through April. Prices are increased ($200/$500/$1,000) during non-open enrollment periods. Existing Members may renew their memberships anytime during the year.

How to join Morak Events

Fill out the Morak Events Application
If approved, you may pay online or make other arrangements.

Resources available through Morak Events

Event posting on
Online preregistration for events
Event insurance for covered events
Reduced cost for engraving services

How to have your event posted, use the online preregistration and get an insurance document.

Fill out the Event Post Submission form. This form includes the event info, online payment info and insurance document info. Use this form to have your event posted to the website.  If you want to use the online preregistration, fill out the online preregistration info.  If you want an insurance document, fill out the insurance document info.

I only need an insurance document for my event

Fill out the Event Insurance Submission form.
This from is for the insurance document only.

Engraving Services

We engrave site tokens, coins, awards and other items.  We also offer other services like paint, stringing and packaging.  Contact for more information.

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